Potsdam police saves energy with green technology


April 28th 2014

  •  The state of Brandenburg concludes an energy performance contract for police facilities in Potsdam with EnBW Sales & Solutions
  • Reduction of the energy related costs by 53 percent and CO2 emissions by 1’000 tons
  • Berlin Energy Agency will support the implementation in the context of the EESI2020 project as project facilitator

The police in Brandenburg will significantly reduce their energy consumption at the location “Potsdam-Eiche” through new and highly efficient building technologies. The police will thus save electricity as well as heating costs and will, together with the building owner Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauten (BLB) make an important contribution to the implementation of the state’s energy goals.

This will be enabled through an energy performance contract concluded between BLB and EnBW Sales & Solutions. Within this contract, EnBW guarantees yearly savings of approximately 1.25 gigawatt hours (GWh) through the integration of new technologies. This is equivalent to the power consumption of about 360 four-person households. Compared to today, the energy costs will be reduced by 53 percent.

Consequently, the annual CO2 emissions will be reduced by 45 percent (1’000 t) as well. What is special is the fact that a so called green energy performance contract was concluded between the BLB and the EnBW. For the first time a photovoltaic unit was made a specific feature of an energy performance contract.

Volker Bargfrede, commercial director of BLB states: “After some smaller and rather classic contracting pilot-projects we have deliberately gone one step further with green contracting. It fits to our goal of sustainable facility management. It is not only about cutting costs but also about using our resources sustainably.”

Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) consulted BLB throughout the entire preparation and tendering procedure and will support the implementation of the project in the context of the EU-project EESI2020 with technical expertise.

The stated savings will be accomplished through extensive technical modernizations. Already this year EnBW will invest approximately 1.4 million Euros of their own resources into the former barracks complex where the police headquarters and the associated units are located.


Co-generation and photovoltaic units

EnBW will install a co-generation unit for the generation of electricity and heat, integrate a central building control system, optimize the boiler system, deploy highly efficient pumps and partially insulate the ceilings. To fulfill the requirements of the green energy performance contract, a photovoltaic unit will be installed on top of the facility in order to produce electricity for the buildings own demand.

If the contractually defined energy-savings targets are achieved, EnBW will receive 82 percent of the saved energy costs throughout the duration of the contract in order to re-finance their investments as well as for maintenance and operation of the system. All measures and services will exclusively be financed through the saved energy costs. The guarantee period begins after the technical measures are implemented in January 2015 and will last 10 years.

Since the mid 90’s, more than 300 energy performance contracts (EPC) were concluded between the public and private sector in Germany. BEA, as facilitator, has incorporated specific know-how from the research project “Green ESC” which was supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB).


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