Previous Award Winners

Previous winners of the European Energy Service Award (EESA)


Best Energy Service Project

Gran Teatre del Liceu Barcelona: By installing a highly efficient air conditioning system and by introducing a new building management system, the annual electric consumption has been reduced by 43.8 percent and the biogas consumption by 35.8 percent since the implementation of the measures.

BIG Pool 4, Lower Austria (in Baden, Krems/Donau, St. Pölten, Wiener Neustadt and others): Energy-saving contract on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture in cooperation with Siemens AG and the Federal Real Estate Company. Various measures have been implemented to reduce the energy consumption of a building pool consisting of 38 schools. In the first decade of the Energy Performance Contracting, the energy consumption was reduced by 23 percent and the CO2 emissions by 2,800 tons annually.

Jihlava hospital, Czech Republic, Highlands Region: Energy Performance Contract with the energy provider ENESA. Annual cost savings of 484,000 Euros through primary energy savings of 28 percent for gas and 46 percent for electricity.

Best European Energy Service Provider

Cofely Germany GmbH: As energy performance contractor, Cofely has energetically optimised a building pool of the St. Augustine Police in North Rhine-Westphalia, consisting of 84 buildings and nearly 130,000 square meters of surface area. Cofely has guaranteed a reduction of energy costs by 55 percent and CO2 emissions by 5,200 tons per year for a period of ten years.

Best European Energy Service Promoter

CONSIP SpA, Public Joint Stock Company of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance: Creating centralised guidelines, tendering and contract templates for energy performance contracting for Italian administrations. Through this, cost reductions of 25 percent for a total of approximately 13,000 public buildings were achieved.

Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, State of Hessen: the enhancement of the energy-services sector will enable the State of Hessen to obtain its energy entirely from renewable energy sources by 2050. Hessen has set standards by developing its guideline “Energy performance contracting in public buildings”. Since 2001, four million euro cost savings and annual CO2 savings of 15,000 tonnes were achieved in Hessen.


Best Energy Service Project

The Lorac Imtech Effizienz Programm (LIEP) in Germany: The ESCO Imtech Deutschland GmbH entered into a contract with Lorac S.a.r.l. (Luxemburg) with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of 800 real estates mainly used by DEUTSCHE POST AG. The project is one of Germany’s largest energy efficiency actions.

Furthermore, the Swedish community Vellinge won with an energy efficiency project. The project was implemented by SIEMENS AG – with guaranteed energy cost savings of more than 500,000 Euros.

The Town of Hnúšťa, Slovakia also received the award for “Best Energy Service Project” in partnership with INTECH Energo s.r.o. In this project, thanks to the new system of hot industrial water preparation, a new renewable energy source (solar energy) can be used in the municipal heat supply system.

Best European Energy Service Provider

Renesco, an energy service company from Latvia, won for the complete energy-saving renovation of seven residential buildings in Latvia. The company planned the renovation of additional ten buildings in 2012.

Best European Energy Service Promoter

The Greater London Authority (GLA) set itself the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions of London by up to 60 percent by 2025. Energy performance contracting is one of the means promoted to achieve this goal.


Best Energy Service Project

Sello Shopping Centre, Finland; Energy service: Siemens osakeyhtiö “Industry Sector Building Technologies Division”.
Sello is a shopping center in the district Leppävaara Espoo in Finland. Sello wants to become Finland’s most ecological shopping center and strives to receive the gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental certificate. Siemens has modernised the ventilation systems with focus on energy efficiency.

Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany; Energy service: Johnson Controls.
The Jewish Museum represents the historical testimony of the Jewish community in Berlin. It had to close in 1938 because of political pressure. In 2011 the museum reopened. With the help of Johnson Controls, the Jewish Museum has improved the CO2 footprint of the building and reduced energy and operating costs. The energy savings increased from 26 percent to 46 percent, the CO2 reduction could be raised from 24 percent to 55 percent.

Community Middlefart, Denmark; Energy service: Schneider Electric.
Both the community Middlefart and Schneider Electric benefit from the partnership, and so does the environment as well as the users of public buildings in the community and the local economy: 97 buildings in Middlefart have been energetically renovated. The energy costs of Middelfart in 2010 fell by 21 percent. The investments in refurbishment measures are compensated by the annual energy savings. Middlefart became model community for energy efficiency in Denmark.

Best European Energy Service Promoter

ICF Group, France.
ICF has developed the first energy saving contracts and guidelines for energetical refurbishment of public housing. In a pilot project, the company has shown that energy performance contracting can effectively be applied in the energy retrofitting of social housing.

Best European Energy Service Provider

SERVELECT is an energy service provider that has implemented more than 300 small and medium-sized projects in the field of energy efficiency in the Romanian energy sector. Depending on the customer profile, SERVELECT searches for optimal solutions for energy efficiency.

Media Award

In 2010, a special Media Prize was awarded. This went on Bernward Janzing, Financial Times Germany, for his article “Serve instead of heating”.


Best Energy Service Project

The Stewarts Hospital won the award for an energy efficiency project in a sheltered facility in Dublin/Ireland. The project was realized by energy service provider Dalkia with an investment of 1.5 million euros.

An award was also given to the electric motor works Mohelnice in the Czech Republic. In the factory with 1,400 employees, Siemens Building Technologies has implemented comprehensive efficiency measures.

Another winner 2009 was HOCHTIEF Energy Management with a lighting project at the Staatstheater Hannover. The company has replaced over 5,000 conventional lights with modern LEDs.  Power consumption could be reduced by approximately 80 percent.

Best European Energy Service Promoter

KEA – the Climate and Energy Agency of Baden-Württemberg has realized “green energy performance contracting” in small and medium-sized municipalities in south-west Germany, in part with the use of regional biomass.

Best European Energy Service Provider

The Czech energy provider Enesa has completed 20 energy-saving contracts in only four years, applying very innovative technologies.

Media Award

As in 2010, a “European Energy Service Media Award” was awarded in 2009. This was received by Joachim Mahrholdt from the German Television Channel ZDF for a television report about the Freiburg based utility Badenova, which is making the transition to a carbon-free energy supply, also with the help of energy performance contracting.


Best Energy Service Project

The Energy Agency of Castilla y Leon region installed solar thermal systems in 13 public hospitals. The total area is 9,000 square meters, producing more than 4,000 MWh heating energy per year.

The Siemens Building Technologies Group has signed an energy savings contract with the UniCredit headquarters in Milan in order to modernize the buildings – and has thus advanced energy performance contracting in the private sector.

The Marriott Hotel in Prague has improved significantly through energy performance contracting the energy efficiency of its lighting systems. For this pioneering performance within the hotel industry, the Marriott hotel management received an award for the best project in the field of lighting.

Best European Energy Service Promoter

The prize for the best multiplier went to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions – SALAR for an extensive information campaign on energy efficiency and energy performance contracting.

Best European Energy Service Provider

In the category of best energy service provider Danpower GmbH was awarded for an innovative CHP plant powered by wood chips in Schoeneck (Germany).


Best Energy Service Projects

Pool Brigittenau Vienna, Siemens BT
Modernization of street lighting in Motril, Spain

Best Energy Service Promoter

Randall Bowie

Best Energy Service Provider

HEP ESCO d.o.o., Croatia


Best European Energy Service Project

Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin

Best European Energy Service Promoter

Graz Energy Agency Ges.m.b.H.

Best European Energy Service Provider

Siemens Building Technologies


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