New Funding Scheme for EPC Facilitators in Germany

In December 2014 a new funding scheme was announced by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) offering financial support to building owners who seek the support of an EPC Facilitator. This funding scheme is part of the greater National Action Plan for Energy Effiency (NAPE) which was published by the German government in December 2014.

The funding scheme provides financial support for consultancy services from EPC facilitators regarding Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) in three different forms:

–   Initial Consultation, helping the customer to decide whether an EPC is viable or not and how it could be applied
–   Implementation Consultation, covering services up to the signing of an Energy Performance Contract
–   Tender Consultation, covering the tasks up to the finalisation of the specification of services

The amount of funding depends on the applicant (local authority, SME) and the chosen form of consultation. The range of funding lies between 30 and 80 %. Furthermore, the absolute amounts of funding are capped depending on the consultation form chosen.

The EPC facilitators have to be accredited as individuals by verifying their qualification and professional experience at BAFA. Only local authorities and small and medium enterprises (SME) but not national or federal municipalities are eligible to apply for funding. The funding scheme will enter into force early in 2015 until at least December 2017.

The minimum size for eligible EPC projects are energy costs of at least 100.000 €/a. If facilities have lower energy costs their suitability for an EPC project must be substantiated by the EPC facilitator. Alternatively, several facilities may be combined to a building pool, thus reaching the required minimum baseline.

The latter was sucessfully implemented in 27 pools with more than 500 facilities by the Berlin Energie Agency (BEA) over the last 12 years in Berlin.

You can find further information on the new funding scheme here (in German).


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