New results of EPC market survey 2015

New data have been added into an existing EPC Market Databases with comprehensive information about existing ESCOs and national EPC markets, EPC models, financing models and policy initiatives.

The newly conducted 2015 survey represents a follow-up to the survey carried out in 2013 aimed at obtaining information on the EPC market in the EU. Both surveys contained questions around the above mentioned four main areas. Thanks to the very similar survey design, comparisons between the years 2013 and 2015 can be made easily.

The data draws from a new 2015 Transparense survey distributed to European countries’ most relevant energy services companies and EPC market facilitators. Altogether, 112 EPC providers and facilitators from 20 countries across Europe filled in the survey including the largest EPC providers. The survey had been made available online in order to make the distribution process as easy as possible.

A summary on the new data and the development since the last survey is being prepared and will be published soon.

The data collection can be found under the following link:


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