ESCO Market Report 2013

The European ESCO Market Report 2013, which is being published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (EC JRC) is now available.  The report, which is the 4th in the series, depicts the status of the ESCO markets as of 2013, and the changes since 2010 are investigated. The report starts with some theoretical background, providing a definition for ESCOs and relevant concepts that have been used in the report. This is followed by the listing of key background information in the European context.

During these past 3 years most of the EU and neighbouring ESCO markets have grown and developed their complexity. The concrete changes are discussed for each of the 28 EU Member States and 15 other European countries. Drivers as well as obstacles to a wider proliferation are taken under a microscope in the country chapters and in the conclusions.

In an overall assessment, the report concludes, that the European markets have grown since 2010 and that the growth has unfolded in size, referring to a larger number of companies/projects, as well as in strength reflected in market volume, more developed market structure, availability of institutions, or wider market coverage. The growth has been largely fuelled by the growth of demand, i.e. an expansion of interest from the side of potential clients.

In a chapter on “EU programmes and other measures”, the projects EESI 2020 and Transparense are explicitly mentioned as measures to support the market development for EPC in the EU.

The report can be downloaded here.


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