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All EESI 2020 news and activities, as in general all EPC-related news and events in Belgium and Europe, were published on the website of the sister project Transparense (Transparense news).

An important dissemination activity of EESI 2020 was the European Energy Service Award (EESA) which was held at least three times (in 2014 and 2015). The European Energy Service Award honors outstanding efforts and achievements for development and success of energy services for energy efficiency in Europe. The prestigious award was awarded yearly since 2005. The award is a means to highlight the ability and openness of the public sector towards innovation. Also the responsiveness and equally innovation on the side of those driving processes and providing energy services are honored. The bronze sculpture symbolizes business and success. The EESA has its origins in the European Energy Service Initiative.

The European Energy Award of 2014 took place on October 8th in Brussels. Find more information on this event on the Transparense website. The award winners and ceremonies of 2014 are presented here.  The award of 2015 took place on November 9th, also in Brussels: find more information here.

EESI 2020 newsletters:

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EESI 2020 press releases:
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