SEVEn – Czech Republic

SEVEn was the first consulting company to promote systematically the use of the EPC method on the Czech market in the early 1990s. For a long time it has been organizing seminars and courses, assisted at the birth of the first projects, brought experience from abroad and applied methodologically verified procedures to the Czech environment.

During the past fifteen years, SEVEn participated in the realization of many dozens of projects using energy services, not only for the direct delivery of EPC services to the customer, but also projects for positive development of the Czech market in energy services. In this regard, it compiled many studies, published a number of Czech publications about EPC and every year carries out targeted training for businesses, along with seminars and conferences for potential consumers of energy services.

In recent years, SEVEn has specialized in organizing selection procedures for the supply of energy services and preparing suitable EPC contracts for customers who buy energy services.
Currently, in the framework of European projects, SEVEn is involved in disseminating its experience with EPC to a number of other countries.

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Mr. Vladimir Sochor
Americka 17
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Tel.: 420.224.252.115
Fax: 420.224.247.597


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