NEE – Norway

Norwegian Energy Efficiency Inc. (NEE) is a consultancy company and project office working with energy efficiency and renewable heat production for professional actors, both public and private. Sustainable development with reduced CO2 emissions is the core element of everything of what NEE does.

NEE has unique knowledge along the value chain for development of renewable energy and energy efficiency. NEE carries out studies and analyses followed by feasibility evaluations to identify energy projects, project management and design of large and small district heating projects as well as conversion to bio energy and heat pumps. They implement energy efficiency measures in large building stocks from start to finish, including funding. We also perform energy related information tasks which supports the transfer to sustainable energy consumption.

NEE works as trusted partner for our customers in an exciting and growing market, which will have a life also beyond the production of oil and gas.

For further information:

Norsk Enok og Energie AS (NEE)
Mrs. Randi Tyse
Ovre Eikervei 14
PO box 4101 Gulskogen
3005 Drammen

Tel.: 0047-33 37 84 46
Email: rt@nee.no
Web: www.nee.no


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